This Hula school claims to treat you like family but your treated by the number of bills you give.

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when I and a family member joined every time I paid they would say a different price of your tuition, it was totally insane, They give no receipt when you pay until moving to another location.They would tell you to practice a song for a special occasion and when the day comes you end up doing a different song you didn't practice for.

They ask me if I could come in on a certain day so I canceled out on school to be there and they didn't acknowledge me and didn't need me, didn't notify you or nothing. They would say you "needed" to participate in a flower lei making shop when actually you didn't need too and pay 20 or more dollars each person for the materials they provided, most of the time their wasn't enough flowers to make what you needed and trick you! They would say things that made no sense like "the flowers will last for 2 weeks and the event is 1 month away! The main teacher kumu Kawika Alfiche isn't there most of time whom is out in San Francisco, he has Leimomi Mabanta & Rachel Guerrero in charge and treat you more like a number than what they claim as family.

When I paid full price for the month myself and another family member of 110 dollars, I explained I couldn't come in for the month, if I could get credit for a full month or a refund they refused and I had been dishing out money left and right and that was the treatment I got, it wasn't no family oriented atmosphere at all! When I notified the Head Teacher kumu Kawika by e-mail all he did was e-mail me back 3 words only "e-mail forwarded to leimomi" and ignored me and my request to get my refund or credit for another month. It was very unorganized and they leave you feeling worthless if you don't have that money.

When you arrive they will greet you only if they feel like it that day.I recommend to not go to this school for their scheme and tactics and unpleasant treatments.

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I waited a long time to clear this up.For the record...

This customer bounced 2 checks and then issued this complaint.

I still have the returned check statement.

to Anonymous #1103453

She made this claim after she bounced two checks to our hula school.

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